Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Lesson Five - Bamen Go: Ongaku Ga Suki Desu Ka.

[By now, you should be able to correctly pronounce Japanese words, so I'm going to stop writing out the pronunciation for each word, except in special cases where I think it may be needed.]

Lesson 5 Vocabulary

ongaku - music

yo - Word added to the end of a sentence to give it emphasis, rather like an exclamation mark or italics in English.

Ongaku desu yo - "It is music!"

rokku - Rock music.

suki desu - I like (it). Note that the -u- is hardly sounded, and the pronunciation is rather like s'ki.

dai-suki desu - I like (it) very much.

Ii desu, ii desu! - That's enough, it's okay!

kirai desu - I dislike (it).

dai-kirai desu - I dislike (it) very much.

sensei wa, ongaku ga kirai desu ka - "Do you dislike music, teacher?" Note that the thing liked or disliked is usualy followed by ga, another little word which, like wa, does not have any meaning in itself, but which is a pointer to the word or phrase it follows. Sentences about liking or disliking something usually follow the pattern (Person) wa (thing) ga suki/kirai desu.

ja - well, in that case.

ongaku wa nani ga suki desu ka - "What music do you like?" Literally: As for music, what is liked (by you)?

kurashikku - Classical music.

jazu - Jazz

opera - Opera.

rokku wa suki ja arimasen - "I don't like rock music." In negative sentences, the subject is followed by wa, rather than ga.

supootsu - Sport. Note that there are no separate forms for singular and plural nouns in Japanese, so supootsu can mean both "a sport," and "sports."

tenisu - Tennis.

gorufu - Golf.

sakkaa - Soccer.

basukettobooru - Basketball.

jogingu - Jogging.

supootsuman - Sportsman.

amari - (not) very much. Always followed by a negative verb.

sumoo - Sumo wrestling. The traditional sport of Japan.

hito - Person.

otoko no hito - Man, male person.

Otoko no hito no supootsu - A man's sport.

kyoo - Today.

-pun - Minute.

ni-ji jup-pun - 2:10, ten minutes past two.

jup-pun - Ten minutes.

ni-jup-pun - Twenty minutes.

san-jup-pun - Thirty minutes.

yon-jup-pun - Forty minutes.

go-jup-pun - Fifty minutes.

Lesson Five Dialogue

Sensei: Harison san, sore wa nan desu ka.
Harrison: Ongaku desu. Doozo, sensei, kiite kudasai. Ii desu ne. Kore wa ii ongaku desu ne.
Sensei: Ongaku? Sore wa ongaku ja arimasen yo.
Harrison: Ongaku desu yo. Amerika no rokku desu. Suki desu. Dai-suki desu.
Sensei: Ii desu, ii desu! Rokku wa ongaku ja arimasen yo. Dai-kirai desu.
Harrison: Kirai desu ka. Sensei wa, ongaku ga kirai desu ka.
Sensei: Chigaimasu, Harison san. Watashi wa ongaku ga suki desu. Demo sore wa ongaku ja arimasen.
Harrison: Soo desu ka. Ja, ongaku wa, nani ga suki desu ka.
Sensei: Soo desu ne. Kurashikku ga skui desu. Jazu ga suki desu. Opera mo suki desu. Demo rokku wa suki ja arimsen ne. Kirai desu.

Sensei: Hiru san wa supootsu ga suki desu ka.
Hill: Hai, sui desu.
Sensei: Nani ga suki desu ka. Tenisu?
Hill: Hai, tenisu ga dai-suki desu. Basukettobooru mo suki desu. Jogingu mo suki desu ne.
Sensei: Soo desu ka. Supoostuman desu ne.
Hill: Sensei wa?
Sensei: Watashi wa supootsu ga amari suki ja arimasen. Harison san wa?
Harrison: Soo desu ne. Watashi mo amari suki ja arimasen.
Sensei: Ja, Pasukaru san wa?
Pascal: Watashi? Watashi wa, sumoo ga suki desu. Dai-suki desu.
Hill: Ee? Sumoo?

Hill: Pasukaru san wa sumoo ga skui desu ka.
Pascal: Hai, soo desu. Sumoo ga dai-suki desu.
Harrison: Demo sumoo wa, otoko no hito no supootsu desu ne.
Pascal: Soo desu yo. Watashi wa otoko no hito mo suki desu.
Harrison: Nani? Otoko no hito?
Pascal: Hai, otoko no hito ga skui desu yo.
Sensei: Hai, juu-ji han desu yo, Harison san. Daigaku no kurasu no jikan desu ne. Daigaku no kurasu wa ju-ji han kara desu ne.
Harrison: Iie, kyoo wa chigaimasu, sensei. Kyoo no kurasu wa ni-ji jup-pun kara desu.
Sensei: Soo desu ka. Ni-ji jup-pun kara desu ka.

End of Lesson Five