Thursday, August 19, 2004


Welcome to the "So You Want to Learn Japanese?" Blog. Long-time readers of my main blog, Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K, will no doubt know of my love and fascination for Anime, Manga, and, in fact, pretty much anything having to do with Japan. I've had this fascination for many years, and I took a Japanese class (nihongo no kurasu) in my short time at college, and did well in it. However, for reasons I won't go into on this blog, I dropped out of college before completing the class. Also, having no reason to speak Japanese, I quickly forgot what I learned, and now I only remember how to count to 19, and a few words. Also, most of the Japanese I do currently know isn't stuff from the class I took, but words and phrases I've picked up from manga and other various places in my pursuit of knowledge about Japan.

And so, we come to the purpose for this blog. I am currently going to begin learning Japanese again. I'm not taking a class, but I have many books over the subject, and will be learning from these. As I learn it, I will also be posting, once or twice a week, Lessons in Japanese, made up mostly of the lessons I am currently learning from my books. As an additional treat, this information will be occasionally supplemented by fun little facts about life in Japan. Most of the lessons I will be posting, especially in the beginning, will be the lessons from a book by a popular language course book company, whose name I will not mention right now, because I'm afraid of getting sued.

I will leave commenting enabled, so you will be able to comment on the posts. If there is something you do not understand, or wish me to explain, simply leave a comment below that post, and I will do my best to answer any questions. You can also email me at

I think that's enough introduction, now it's time to start learning Japanese. But first, before you can start learning the words themselves, we have to set down the basics, starting with Pronunciation...